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750-Bed Hospital

ICU Nurses | Toronto

3 ICU Hires In 60 Days, $1,500 Cost Per Hire

"After two weeks, Humber River Hospital has received 38 applications from prequalified Registered Nurses (RN). Given that if we were to engage in a search firm the cost to hire three ICU nurses would exceed $60,000, the current relationship with Applichat drives a very favourable return on investment".

Kevin Kirkpatrick

Director Of Recruiting,

Humber River Hospital.

9-Hospital Health System

RNs | North Carolina

14 Permanent Re-Location RN Hires

"Applichat is a 9 out of 10. We have tried so many programs before and got ZERO results. I'm just so happy with the quantity of candidates you're sending us".

Chrissy Russell

Talent Acquisition Consultant,

Vidant Health

6-site Senior Living Organization

Nurses & CNAs | Philadelphia

2 Hires In 30 Days, $1,250 Cost Per Hire

"[We got] 88 leads for Nursing professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area. The Applichat team were flexible and provided great advice and guidance to ensure we would see a good return on our investment. Very happy with the results".

Cara Kuhn

Director Of Talent Acquisition,

Wesley Enhanced Living

750-Bed Hospital

ICU Nurses | Toronto

5 RN Hires From 1 Social Media

Event, $1750 Cost Per Hire

"I have worked with Applichat to recruit for difficult to fill positions and their unique approach has netted results. What I particularly like about the organization is their ability to adapt in real time as we grow and learn from each experience. Applichat is cognizant of how time poor recruiters are and refines the process to make things as simple as possible for the end user".

Kimberly Bain

Recruiting Specialist

Humber River Hospital.

ICU & Rehab Nurses

Houston, Texas

2 Hires In 30 Days, $1,750 Cost Per Hire

"Applichat is a great recruiting company to work with! The cost per hire for each nurse is lower than what we are paying through other recruiting agencies. They are professional and very responsive. Looking forward to a continued partnership."

Jared Brown

Human Resources Director

Nexus Health Systems.

Homecare Nurses, Texas

25 Applications In 30 Days,

(100% Of Candidates Were New Introductions)

I am used to the overlap of candidates from traditional job boards and resume databases. Applichat has been a fresh source for candidates, all [...] new to me. It is nice to have finally found that new "fishing spot".

Greyson Floss

Talent Acquisition Manager

Pediatric Healthcare Connection

"The Applichat team have been really helpful with our Facebook marketing project."

They are really attentive, thorough and always on hand when needed. I highly recommend Applichat!

Rob Wood

Marketing Manager,

Avanta Care

Non-Healthcare Case Studies

"Since we started using Applichat, we have experienced a tremendous increase in both number and quality of applicants."

It has been a pleasure working with Applichat. He is constantly adapting to our needs and troubleshooting a better way. The hunt for the best applicant is fierce, but with Applichat on our side, I know CCS Construction Staffing will be first to reach the best applicants.

Matt Telmanik


CCS Construction Staffing

"Would highly recommend Applichat to any company looking for quality candidates."

Ability to quickly get candidates, their info, and filter through them makes Applichat stand apart. The added benefit of candidates applying real time makes them more responsive than from other job boards.

Daniel Hartsell

Recruiting Manager,

CCS Construction Staffing

50% Lower Cost Per Hire

Our recruitment process has improved at all levels as members of our Team are learning from Applichat insights. Aside from the success of our facebook chatbot in nurturing and qualifying applicants, The team's willingness to share insights has been invaluable. Applichat has also proven to be very committed going above and beyond to help us make adjustments with short notice, a key element when working in recruitment as demands can change with little notice.

James Crawford

General Manager

First Future Education

"Applichat has helped our company to accommodate our growing audience. "

We had a systematically organized flow of responses when they came in. Concerns and changes were done immediately. I would say this is an essential for every company to manage their business.

Andrea Ragot


First Future Education

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