How Humber River Hospital Achieved

3 Extra ICU RN

Hires In 60 Days

RN Openings Were An Uncomfortable Reality

For This 722-Bed Acute Care Hospital......

And Then They Met Applichat

$30k = Going Rate Of

2 ICU Nurses With Toronto Placement Agencies

Situation Before Applichat

Due to the nursing shortage in Canada, Humber River Hospital is continually looking for first-rate ICU nursing candidates to staff its acute care facility in Toronto, Ontario.

They relied on job boards to find top-tier ICU nursing candidates, but never got enough. With placement agencies charging $20,000 per hire, Humber were placed in a tricky position: fork out $40,000 for 2 hires or have less staff to care for patients.

🛑 Humber found it hard to stand out from 10+ other hospitals also hiring through Indeed.

🛑 Without a pre-qualifying filter or appropriate candidate funnel, Facebook was not an RO-producing channel.

🛑 Despite possessing an excellent facility, Humber struggled to write job ads which clearly communicated this offer.

Tired of shortages, Humber's Head Of Recruiting reached out to Applichat, after hearing Adam on the infamous Chad & Cheese podcast.


For our hiring campaign with Humber River we.....

✅ Created an Offer-Worth-Leaving-Your-Job-Over in consultation with nurses & recruiters at the hospital. We wrote fresh social-media optimised job ads to appeal to RN's deepest desires & earn their clicks,

✅ Simplified the campaign’s reach. Rather than use job boards and Google pay-per-click ads, the hospital focused on one channel where 75% of Toronto RNs spent time every day: Facebook.

✅ Leveraged Facebook targeting by location and interests. The hospital used precise Facebook targeting to seek out candidates with the specific skills they needed to run a successful ICU operation.

✅ Used click-to-Messenger ads. When job seekers clicked a Humble River Hospital ad, they entered a Messenger conversation with the hospital, which improved engagement and conversions.

✅ Automated lead qualification process. Potential candidates would answer a series of questions in Messenger to see if they were a good fit, which scaled the way Humber River Hospital interacted with customers and made it easier to provide one-on-one service.

35% Of Ad Clickers Were RNs

Who Submitted At Least

Basic Contat Info!


We ran targeted ads across 5 social channels to local nurses to generate interest in the hospital's facility.

Although we ran multiple ad variants, we made sure to cover key desires ICU nurses have when applying to work at a hospital:

👍 Continued education

👍 Less administrative work

👍 Working with innovative technology

When a potential candidate clicked the ad, they entered a Messenger conversation with the hospital. After confirming they wanted to continue with the application and giving their phone number, candidates enter a pre-screening flow which filtered out people without acute care experience. RPNs/LPNs & LTC nurses were not completely wasted however, and still able to apply to different roles.

✅ If candidates had ICU experience, they were prompted to schedule an interview.

✅ If candidates had acute care experience, they were sent through a further lead qualification path.

✅ If candidates had neither, the hospital followed up with a “Refer-a-Friend” message.

✅ Once a candidate was considered pre-qualified by the bot, the hospital sent a voice note to people in Messenger and were prompt to a series of free-form questions.


3 ICU Nurse Hires in 60 days.

✅ 5 interviews with Nurses specifically-qualified to enter ICU/training program.

✅ 35% of ad clickers qualified RNs who submitted information.

2X Applications Of Next-Best Channel

Kevin Kirkpatrick, Recruitment Manager,

Humber River Hospital

The highlight of this effort has been the constant interaction, adaptation and learning on the part of

Applichat to ensure we were changing our ads and tactics to get the end results we envisioned.

Given that if we were to engage in a search firm the cost to hire two ICU nurses would exceed $40,000 (CAD) the current relationship with Applichat drives a very favourable return on investment.

So Good He Put Pen To Paper

Read Kevin's Full Letter Of

Recommendation Here

Which Would You Prefer?

Humber River Before


🛑 No differentiation from other hospitals.

🛑 No consistency in candidate flow.

🛑 Open positions threatening ability to rest staff.

Humber River After



✅ 2X'd RN applications

✅ A predictable flow of pre-screened RNs.

✅ A sourcing partner tentative to their needs, changes, and collaboration - without paying $15,000 per hire.

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