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50% More RN Candidates

Recruiters of nurses save time & money by trusting Applichat with their RN sourcing.

Our proven 3-step program attracts, screens, and follows up for you.

We find, you hire.

Applichat Handle Your

RN Sourcing So You Can.....

Stop Worrying About

Generating Qualified Candidates

Imagine not having to worry about generating enough RNs for your positions?

Most TA teams we work with run out of positions to send candidates to.

Here is what you get when you work with us – a full pipeline of qualified RNs keen to care for your patients.

This allows your hospital or agency to engage more people in new areas, be selective with the RNs you hire, and provide the best standards of care to your patients.

Save 10 Hours Weekly

Typical healthcare recruiters are busy doing a billion things to attract RNs: Linkedin, Indeed, Facebook, calls, emails.

When you try and find a technology solution there are so many options it can be exhausting: these days, it's hard to keep up.

We take the pressure off recruiters by introducing our proven 3-step program to overtake your three time burdens:

🛑 Finding Candidates

🛑 Screening Candidates

🛑 Following Up To Candidates

Even better, it bolts onto existing processes so you can focus on:

✅ Matching the best talent to the right roles

✅ Retention & encouraging referrals.

Make More Hires

We know you care about filling roles & how much it costs. Our ROI-focussed program not only removes the burden of sourcing but also collates CPA & CPH data so results are trackable.

This program was built in collaboration with healthcare talent acquisition leaders.

Oh yea, there is no % charge per placement either. It's just a flat monthly fee. We aim to give you 2X the results of competitors for 1/3 of the price.

Re-invest it in care, grow your capacity, or come visit us in Mexico with the savings.

Our Proprietary 3-Step Program Lets You Focus On What

You're Good At: Placing RNs

We are not a jack of all trades agency. Our campaigns are custom-built in careful collaboration

with your recruitment team.

Ad Creation & Buying

To Solve Your Candidate Flow Problem

We use candidate research & your employer branding to create a Pattern-Breaking Offer to RNs. We write it, add visuals, then promote it in the most cost-efficient candidate-producing channels.

Automatic Screening

So 100% Of People You Talk To Are Basically-Qualified

Automated messaging systems allow candidates to both apply through conversation AND learn if they're qualified. RNs can exchange information casually; recruiters only receive basically-qualified candidates.

ATS & Follow Ups

To Turn Clicks Into Booked Interviews

Candidates are placed into our proprietary Applichat ATS (an anti-ghosting machine) or your own tracking system. We make sure our channels fit into your workflow.

There Are 2 Types Of Healthcare Recruiter.

Which Are You?




• Post job descriptions on Indeed & other boards.

• Share jobs on your LinkedIn & get 0 applicants.

• Run Facebook Ads periodically, but can't convert to hires.

• End up paying $10,000+ per hire.



• Use advanced candidate profile mapping.

• Make benefit-drive offers to candidates on busy platforms.

• Advertise on 100s of touchpoints outside of job boards.

• Guided by data and armed with automation.

Success Stories

The Applichat team have been really helpful with our Facebook marketing project. Adam is really attentive, thorough and always on hand when needed. I highly recommend Applichat!

Rob Wood

Marketing Manager, Avanta Care

Given that if we were to engage in a search firm the cost to hire two ICU nurses would exceed $40,000 the current relationship with Applichat drives a very favourable return on investment.

Kevin Kirkpatrick

Chief Of Recruiting, Humber River Hospital.

[Their] knowledge on Facebook advertising is exceptional and willingness to share and try new ideas was one of the key reasons for me to recommend [them]. Adam is a rarity in business; knowledgable, friendly and fairly priced.

Darren Westall

CEO, Paiger

How We Got A 722-Bed Acute Care Hospital

21 RN Applicants In 72 Hours, Beat Indeed By 2X, & Saved 10,000s In Staffing Agency Fees.

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