Get 45+ Qualified

Nurse Applications

In 90 Days

We Book Calls With Candidates

You Have Never Met Before

Reach a candidate pool 10X larger than job boards through our done for you sourcing platform.

Save $1,000s worth of time in screening. We call all candidates within 24 hours for you and chase up no shows.

Achieve a cost per hire 4X lower than traditional staffing agencies. Our clients average nurse cost per hire is $3,300.

Why you need help.

Open nursing positions have a devastating ripple effect on your healthcare organization. Overtime costs for one position average $30,000 per year, current staff are pushed to the edge of burnout, and the people you care for are affected.

Why we're the right fit.

Applichat's sourcing platform can reach 70% of local nurses outside of job boards. We advertise your positions across social media, apps, and websites to an entirely-new candidate pool.

With an average cost per hire of $3,300, our best clients save $100,000s per year in overtime fees.



Follow Up

Reach 70% of your target candidate market through our non-job board advertising platform. Tell us who you want on a 45m onboarding call, we'll find & book them into a calendar.

Have more qualified conversations with suitable & interested candidates. Every applicant must answer 5-10 questions before signing up. We'll also call them to ensure they're a good match.

Save time & avoid stress by letting us respond to no shows. We'll engage all applicants across 180 days, and share all candidates for upload into your own ATS.

Want 45 Qualified Nurse Candidates In 90 days?

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